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Melbourne Anaesthetic Group (MAG) is Melbourne’s oldest anaesthetic group.

Established in East Melbourne in 1950 by 5 anaesthetists (Len Travers, Lorrie Morton, Greta McClelland, Lionel Bridges & Gordon Houseman), Melbourne Anaesthetic Group has always been at the forefront of modern anaesthesia in Melbourne.

MAG comprises a small & cohesive group of anaesthetists who pride themselves on their quality of work. As a group, we are able to ensure a seamless provision of anaesthetic services to the surgeons with whom we work.

A number of our members hold teaching positions at major public hospitals in Melbourne & all participate in regular CME activities.

MAG members are often invited to speak at local & international conferences and are well represented on a number of medical advisory boards at many of Melbourne’s private hospitals.

Robyn Barker

Practice Manager

Robyn Barker has been with MAG for 15 years & commenced as our practice manager in 2020. Prior to that she worked in a specialist practice in Nth Carlton for 14 years.

MAG Administration


Our MAG doctors are very fortunate to have a wonderful administrative staff some of whom joined our group more than 20 years ago. Our team comprises of Chris, Bron, Lucy, Jodie, Denise, Janine & Michael.

Past Members

We would like to acknowledge the significant contributions of our retired members. We are very privileged to have had such a strong group of doctors over the years.

Our current members continue to uphold their legacy & the values envisioned by our founding members more than 70 years ago.

Dr Terry Little

Dr Lennard Travers

Lennard Travers 1950-55
Margaret (Greta) McClelland 1950-55
Lionel Bridges Webb 1950-58
Gordon Houseman 1950-69
Lorrie Morton 1950-76
Russell Cole 1952-67
John Tucker 1953-87
Noel Cass 1957-97
Ellis McInnis 1957
Charles Proctor 1957
Henri Coutanceau 1961-91
Herbert Newman 1961-93
Robert Gillies 1965-2009
William Taylor 1966-95
Robert Hare 1969-2013

Robert Lunt 1970’s-76
David Fisher 1970’s-92
Maxwell Lindsey 1970-2000
Joseph Marich 1973-2014
Christine Sweeney 1976-2002
John Marum 1976-2005
John Harrison 1976-2011
Peter Padbury 1979-2000
Terence Little 1980-2017
Catherine Clark 1985-2019
David Lindsay 1987-2020
Andrew Robertson 1991-2017
Colin Smith 1997-2019

Past Members of Melbourne Anaesthetic Group

Photos include: Dr Catherine Clark, Dr David Lindsay, Dr Terry Little, Dr Andrew Robertson, Dr Colin Smith, Dr John Harrison, Dr Joseph Marich, Dr Bob Hare


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